Love Letter: No Damage Whatsover After Hurricane Matthew

The purchase of a Charles Rinek home was the best purchase of any kind that Linda and I ever made. Linda and I closed on our home April 1, 2007, and ever since, it has weathered the tests of time perfectly; we now endured a category 3 hurricane…and this sturdy home experienced absolutely no damage whatsoever. Our sanctuary remains as solid and beautiful as the day Charles Rinek completed it. I would love to talk with anyone who is considering having a home built who wants superior value and built-in protection for their investment.

George U.

Love Letter: Solid as a Rock After Hurricane Matthew


I know I reached out before the storm to get first in line for the repairs I was sure I would need. I am happy to report that I don’t have as much as a small splinter on my house to fix. It sealed up tight and was solid as a rock.

My next door neighbor lost many roof tiles, several light fixtures, and the neighbor next to him lost 40% of the under soffit under the roof overhang. Neither home a Charles Rinek build.

Thanks for the good work and I’m glad I don’t have anything to repair so take me off the list if you actually have one.

Best regards,

Jim E.

Love Letter: Hurricane Matthew No Match For Rinek-Built Home


I had to write you a letter regarding the almost unbelievable performance of my homes during the recent hurricane.

We got hit dead on with Cat 4 winds, and our entire yard was a part of the intracoastal waterway from storm surge, but our Rinek home suffered absolutely no damage of any kind.

My other home that you built for me on the beach took a direct hit from the storm also, not only was there 4 ft of water on the street but there was 2 1/2 feet of sand that had broached the berm separating the ocean from the street. That beach house also experienced no damage.

I cannot thank you enough for the level of quality that you build into your homes, but with a storm like we just experienced we can sure see the difference now between your home construction and the competition.

Thanks again for building a home that truly stands the test of time, we are so thankful you built our homes.

Roger & Laura B.

Love Letter: “We take a lot of pride in the craftsmanship.”

Our family would like to thank you for your hard work in building us a great home. While the home is certainly beautiful, we also take a lot of pride in the craftsmanship. We have a very well built home that is also very efficient. Jim was great to work with and with the sub-contractors that you used made a big difference in building a quality home. Building a custom home is not without stress and hundreds of decisions. However, we clearly see and feel the difference and are enjoying our new home.

Thanks again,

Adam, Melissa, Tia and Ethan

Love Letter: “He really listened to us.”

Charles Rinek designed and built our beach house in Palm Coast. We had spoken to several builders at the time, but found Charles to be the easiest to communicate with. My wife and I felt that he really listened to us and understood exactly what we were looking for in our home. We could not find that from anyone else we interviewed. Although many people may tell you building a home can be stressful and fraught with issues, we found none of that in working with Rinek Construction. Our experience was fantastic, and everything that we planned for the home was accomplished exactly in the time frame that was initially set up. Any of the issues that did arise during construction were handled personally by Charles or his foreman on the job, and resolved quickly and always to our complete satisfaction.

There is a reason that Charles Rinek maintains his status as a premier builder of absolute quality homes. My wife and I experienced that first hand for ourselves and have a wonderful home to prove it.



Love Letter: “We think the world of Charles and Jeanne.”

You know we think the world of Charles and Jeanne. We started the building process of our home just before a really difficult economic time kicked in at the end of 2008 through 2009. I do not see how I could have done this with anybody else except Charles. The caring nature in which he handled our needs during that difficult time that included a stop and then a restart was really special. Not to mention the fact that our finished product is “knock your socks off” the charts beautiful with all the bells, whistles and extras that he did for us. I would say “above and beyond the call of duty” and the biblical reference of “going the extra mile” for us is the best way to describe the Rinek team.

The sub-contractors, vendors, supervisors and all who participated were truly the best! Any small issue or question I have had since delivery in September 2009 has been handled cheerfully, expeditiously, professionally and in a manner as if one was taking care of a good friend. If I were to build another home in the area, and it could happen, I would use them again, no question. Please refer my name and number to anyone who needs your reference as I am happy to recommend your team for the building of their new dream home.

Blessings and best regards,


Love Letter: “Integrity and honesty”

Charles Rinek built our home recently.   We have built several homes over the years and our experience with Charles was the best! Charles and his sub-contractors were very good at communicating what to expect during the various phases of construction.

What I admire most about Charles is his integrity and honesty. Charles stands behind the quality and construction of his homes 100%.   As in most home construction projects certain issues arise; our issues were immediately addressed and resolved.

We highly recommend Charles Rinek to anyone who wants to build a quality custom home.

Randy and Linda