Love Letter: “Build our dream home.”

Hi Charles,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that after significant research and evaluation of both you and your business, we’ve chosen you and your team to build our dream home. As you may have known, we met face to face with a number of highly recommended builders (actually seven) in the area. All had nice businesses, good references, pretty homes to walk through, and the competence to build a respectable home for us. You however, came out ahead for the reasons below.

1. Passion: We sensed from the start you had a passion for building and specifically wanting to build our unique home. You mentioned the word FUN numerous times when describing building our home. We liked that and definitely want to enjoy the entire process too.

2. Competence: I mentioned this before, and continue to be impressed with your knowledge of both construction principles and design.

3. Initiative: You reached out to us after each meeting, sent us follow up items quickly, and simply were on top of your game throughout the sales process. When you have an improvement idea, you bring it up, or add it to the design so we can see what you see – so important because we don’t know what we don’t know and need that level of engagement.

4. Patience: You sensed early on that Liz and I have differences regarding some aspects of what we’d like in the house. You patiently listen and stay with us, as we talk through differences and add input to help add clarity without taking sides. Not an easy job but you do it well.

5. References: Your customers speak well of you and your commitment to them during and after the sale. Your subs like your leadership and offer praise for your commitment to excellence in construction. Of course, you knew that already but now we know, too.

6. Trustworthy: The more we got to know you, the more we felt that you’re a person who cares about others and about doing the right thing — and not just when it’s the easy option. This trait sits at the base of all relationships, and one we’re sure will continue to grow over time as we work together.

We felt you deserved to see the good we saw in you throughout this process and why we chose you. Let Jeannie know that we look forward to working with her as well. We hope this helps brighten up your start to 2016.


Chris & Liz

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