Love Letter: “He really listened to us.”

Charles Rinek designed and built our beach house in Palm Coast. We had spoken to several builders at the time, but found Charles to be the easiest to communicate with. My wife and I felt that he really listened to us and understood exactly what we were looking for in our home. We could not find that from anyone else we interviewed. Although many people may tell you building a home can be stressful and fraught with issues, we found none of that in working with Rinek Construction. Our experience was fantastic, and everything that we planned for the home was accomplished exactly in the time frame that was initially set up. Any of the issues that did arise during construction were handled personally by Charles or his foreman on the job, and resolved quickly and always to our complete satisfaction.

There is a reason that Charles Rinek maintains his status as a premier builder of absolute quality homes. My wife and I experienced that first hand for ourselves and have a wonderful home to prove it.