Love Letter: Hurricane Matthew No Match For Rinek-Built Home


I had to write you a letter regarding the almost unbelievable performance of my homes during the recent hurricane.

We got hit dead on with Cat 4 winds, and our entire yard was a part of the intracoastal waterway from storm surge, but our Rinek home suffered absolutely no damage of any kind.

My other home that you built for me on the beach took a direct hit from the storm also, not only was there 4 ft of water on the street but there was 2 1/2 feet of sand that had broached the berm separating the ocean from the street. That beach house also experienced no damage.

I cannot thank you enough for the level of quality that you build into your homes, but with a storm like we just experienced we can sure see the difference now between your home construction and the competition.

Thanks again for building a home that truly stands the test of time, we are so thankful you built our homes.

Roger & Laura B.