Love Letter: Your work separates itself from the rest of the pack

Hi Charles,

Hope all is well! We have been working on our website and in doing so I have been reviewing photos of past projects and as of the last week I have also had the rare opportunity of being in the field and observing upcoming projects. With that being said your work separates itself from the rest of the pack. I’m sure that you already know that and I understand that my opinion/approval is of little if any value but by all means wanted to share with you just how apparent it is.

As you are all too familiar with in being a business owner compliments generally fall far short of complaints or “issues” that we often find ourselves enthralled with. Living in a world of convenience, society’s expectations have grown and as a result many things are taken for granted and acknowledgment is seldom at best. Your projects are so much more than just a home. Your well-thought plans, use of elements and detail, create a lifestyle which is visible from simply looking at a picture; far from any industry standard.

We greatly appreciate sharing in your projects and do not take anything for granted. Hope you have a great weekend!

Thank you,