Relax — You’re In Good Hands With Rinek, Inc’s Luxury Home Plans and 5-Facet Process

It’s one thing to have the luxury home plan of your dreams. It’s quite another to have it executed in the most cost effective and timely manner possible – especially if you’re not there to personally oversee its progress day by day.

Rinek, Inc. is accustomed to working with owners remotely. As a result, the company has developed and fine-tuned a highly organized five-facet process that very deliberately takes your project from a mere thought or idea to the point that you are physically walking over the threshold of your finished dream home.

5-Facet Process

Charles Rinek With Two Clients

Chris and Liz

You reached out to us after each meeting, sent us follow up items quickly, and simply were on top of your game throughout the sales process.

Chris and Liz

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