Love Letter: Hurricane Matthew No Match For Rinek-Built Home

Charles, I had to write you a letter regarding the almost unbelievable performance of my homes during the recent hurricane. We got hit dead on with Cat 4 winds, and our entire yard was a part of the intracoastal waterway from storm surge, but our Rinek home suffered absolutely no damage of any kind. My […]

Home Builder Choice, Part 3: Custom Design Builder

Rinek Architecture

Having reviewed the basics of tract and semi-custom home builders, let’s take a look at the custom design builder. This type of contractor – including Rinek, Inc. — delivers homes that breach higher, sometimes much higher, levels. A custom design builder may be able to compete with the production and semi-custom builder if asked to, […]

Cost Per Square Foot, Part 2: Semi-Custom Home Builder

The Crassatella Front Door

Let’s take a look at  the semi-custom home builder and how it differs from the tract builder. When looking at these smaller, often independent builders, the possibilities for design and feature choices start to open up. You can expect the pricing to be higher. Semi-custom builders may offer model homes, but they are more likely […]

How Home Builder Choice Affects Cost Per Square: Tract Builder (Part 1 of 3)

Project Management

Buyers looking to build new homes are quick to ask: “How much does a home cost per square foot?” Most understand that there are variables, but there is a learning curve. It depends upon the specific type of home, the impact of design factors, and the features they may want in a home. Let’s look […]

Rinek Rebrands

Rinek Website On Devices Logo

Hello. As you contemplate building or renovating the home or business of your dreams, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to our new “home”. The launch of this website and blog celebrates the rebranding of Charles Rinek Construction, Inc. to Rinek, Inc. This development has been more than four decades in the making, starting with […]