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Questions asked of Luxury Home Builders

If you are interested in building or renovating a custom home and are considering ideas for luxury home plans, you may find answers to many of your initial questions here. For any left unanswered, or to discuss your plans, please contact us today.

We see you have already begun by doing the research that brought you here. The easiest and most convenient next step is to get in touch with us for an initial discussion. This can be in person, over the phone, or via email. Once we’ve made contact, we will suggest scheduling a complimentary Discovery session so we can learn more about you. We’ll ask you about every facet of your vision for your home, including design, overall layout, desired location, and other topics that will help us understand your preferences and lifestyle. In addition to being a working session, this Discovery process serves as a chemistry check. Do you think you will like working with us? If so, let’s move on.
From what we learn during the Discovery session, Rinek, Inc. will proceed to a Concept Phase. Here, we will get to work on a design package based on a luxury home floor plan. This might be a customized floor plan or may be a rendition from our extensive portfolio. Or, perhaps, it is a plan you have brought to us. Within a short time, we will schedule a proposal meeting with you to go over the conceptual plan which will include a list of suggested personalized features based on what you have told us. This, too, is a complimentary service of Rinek, Inc. We want you to be sure before moving forward with us that you have chosen the right builder to help you articulate your dream home.
As soon as we complete the Discovery and Concept phases, and you give us the green light to proceed, we will draw up a contract based upon your home specifications. Once signed, we will proceed with the Design phase which will feature a comprehensive homebuilding package. Once detailed drawings are completed, and we have addressed every aspect of your home before construction begins, your project will move into high gear.
Once you have made the decision to move forward with a new home, you should consider financing options – at the latest, within a week after signing the contract. If you have a mortgage lender identified, you may want to apply for pre-qualification. If you are seeking a lender relationship, Rinek, Inc. can suggest one or more that are likely to offer the best options for your situation. We often recommend home owners seek an “all-in-one” loan that calls for closing on the project before construction begins. This “construction-perm” loan typically saves time and money by allowing for a single closing. Whether a loan- or cash-based purchase, we will work with you to map out a payment schedule that will apply throughout the construction process.
You can do so and, depending upon the change or changes, there may be an additional charge. This is why we take care during the Design phase to finalize as many details as possible prior to the start of construction. Once underway, structural changes to the approved design may be challenging. Other elements and details may be easier to accomplish. We understand that there may be a change in direction as the home takes shape and we will do our best to work with you to accommodate them.
As soon as the contract is signed, Jeanne Rinek will meet with you to begin discussing interior selections. Starting with Rinek’s Showroom, conveniently located on site at Rinek, Inc., you will be able to choose from a quality selection of interior design features including, wall coverings, lighting, flooring, furniture and decorative items. We recommend making selections prior to the start of construction.
We will welcome you on site whenever you’d like to visit. Just call to schedule a time to meet. Apart from that, the construction schedule will include a number of Milestone Meetings – certain junctures in where it is best to meet on site. If not feasible, Milestone Meetings can be handled remotely. We do, recommend, however, that you meet with Charles Rinek on site at least once during the pre-drywall phase. At this vital point, your building team will be working on land grading, foundation, framing, electrical wiring, initial plumbing and the home’s exterior. You will discuss the “3-D” version of your home and verify preferences or need for change.
On average, it will take 9-12 months from the initial Discovery phase until you put your key in the door and walk over the threshold. Once our work is finished, an inspection will lead to a certificate of occupancy. At that point, we will conduct a walk-through with you to get your sign-off and show you how everything works. And our services can go beyond that: scheduling movers and even stocking your refrigerator before you spend your first night in your new home.
Rinek, Inc. provides a complete service for satisfaction for the first full year. Through a partnership with Bonded Builders Warranty Group, home owner protection is provided for an additional nine years. Bonded Builders re-certifies Rinek, Inc. annually to ensure that our standards for quality, financial stability, technical competency, and customer satisfaction meet expectations.
Absolutely. We will provide a list of references during our Discovery meeting. In addition, you can check out Rinek, Inc.’s history through the Florida State Bureau of Professional Regulation and the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce.